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Whether you are a teacher, employer or a market researcher, assessments are challenging because they are time consuming and repetitive in nature. insightGURU empowers you to create assessments in minutes, and gain insight in seconds.


Fast, Flexible, Fun assessments.

Teachers: Reduce time spent on assessments and evaluation. Focus on creative and fun learning interactions with students.

Educational institutes: Create, execute and score unique assessments which save time and cost. Get deep insights into the student’s learning experiences.

Students: Go mobile, experience tests that are fun and interesting.

Parents: Get more involved with child’s progress through instant and in-depth updates on child’s performance. Receive regular notifications on child’s progress anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Secure, real time and multi media rich assessments with custom analytics.


1. Recruit the best talent through structured, role relevant assessments which can be accessed anytime, anywhere from any device securely.

2. Enhance employee engagement and productivity through customized assessments and feedback.

3. Track training effectiveness and maintain a single repository of all employee assessments on the secure cloud platform.

4. Manage 360 degrees with ease and flexibility leading to qualified feedback on employee behavior and leadership style.

5. Access, retrieve and reuse assessments in various combinations.


Assessments become role-relevant and convenient and the appraisal process becomes engaging.

1. Anytime, anywhere, any device access, fun and stress-free.

2. Get your voice heard - inputs, aspirations, role expectations.

3. Monitor your progress and self-development as you journey through your career.

Market research

Secure, real time, cost effective, custom analytics.

Research specialist: Serve the entire spectrum of market research, from market insights, to customer insights, through internal and external eco-system insights, in a scalable and cost-effective manner.

Enterprise: Gain deep market insights through customized user-created assessments and rich real time analytics. Get an ongoing pulse of your customers and partners instantly.

End users: Gamification increases respondent participation and quality of feedback.