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insightGURU is your platform use it the way you want have your own content get going.

insightGURU hosts best-in-class content from renowned experts on its marketplace which you can access on a pay per use model.

We have certified domain experts in the areas of:


Employee Engagement

Psychometricians to help you devise bespoke assessments to recruit the best talent, to continuously appraise them and get their pulse resulting in an engaged and motivated workforce.


Market & Consumer Insights

Seasoned Marketing professionals, Research analysts, and Statisticians to help you understand your market and stakeholders. Real time insights with customised analytics will help you make quick and informed decisions resulting in delighted customers and increased profits.


Learning & Development (L&D)

Expert HR and training professionals and industry veterans to help you understand your organizations’ unique L&D needs and devise customised programs resulting in a knowledge-based organisation to help serve customers better.



Experienced educators to help you devise subject specific question banks and assessments enabling you to access the best knowledge creators across the world resulting in creating an environment conducive to learning.