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  • Assess
  • Gain Insight


Whether you are into Education, Enterprise or Market Research, now you can create and execute assessments to find the best fit candidate:

1. Create customised, unique assessments instantly with multiple question types for different categories of assessee’s/respondents

2. Secure and scalable assessments across category, type, and need.

3. Multimedia rich and multi lingual question banks and assessments anytime, anywhere, and on the fly.


Assess quickly and conveniently:

1. Assess anytime, anywhere on any device of your choice.

2. Assess onsite or remote on the cloud with the same level of security.

3. Define assignments comprising single or multiple assessments.

4. Schedule to run at predetermined times for pre-determined groups.

5. Schedule as per predefined sequences, based on results of preceding assessments.

Gain Insight

Take advantage of the most powerful analytics engine to:

1. Track brand performance and customer feedback real time.

2. Track training program effectiveness

3. Get a regular pulse across the organisation leading to increase in employee engagement and productivity
SIRIS Benefits