The Platform
InsightGURU is an easy-to -use assessment platform. The platform empowers users to customize and access assessments anytime, anywhere, on any device. Its marketplace connects the best-in-class content specialists with users across enterprise, academic and market research.

The online testing platform provides an intuitive and multi-media rich environment enabling users to:

  1. Create,
  2. Execute and run,
  3. Score and analyze, assessments and tests of all types.
  4. Gain insights to facilitate decision making.
Key features:
  • Deliver assessments across all devices (desktops, mobiles and tablets). Assessments can be run On-line or Off-line.
  • Easy scheduling and sequencing of assessments.
  • Create customized assessments with varied question types and user-defined reports.
  • Engage users with gamification of assessments.
  • Provide regular notifications to all the stakeholders.
  • Built -in Analytics engine, enabling valuable and extensive reporting.
  • Biometric and multi- level authentication for secure access.
  • Supports enablement of an online marketplace to connect content creators, sales agents and customers.
SIRIS Benefits